As a professional choreographer, I have choreographed hundreds of dances for; professional performances, competitions, exhibitions, corporate events, weddings, concerts, festivals, videos- pretty much any event imaginable from intimate social gatherings to large scale productions involving 1 dancer to 100.

I can bring my 26+ years of entertainment experience to your organization, next production or event.

Custom Choreography sets you apart from your competitors as I deliver unique and innovative dance furnished by my diverse performance and educational experiences.

Having taught thousands of people to dance, I am now bringing the opportunity for you to have your own unique choreography delivered straight to your computer. I have streamlined this process to make it as simple and straight forward for you the client as can be;

Start Your New Choreography Today!

We will start with a brief consultation (via email/ phone/ skype/ facetime/ text/ messenger -whichever you feel most comfortable with) to discuss your needs and get everyone on the same page for your project. Every project is unique, so at this point we can discuss your budget and I will provide you with a quote.

If you have your own music, that’s great! I can help you trim it down, or potentially splice it into another song or two (Make a mix) if needed. If not, that’s cool too and we can come with some awesome music choices together.

When I cut music for clients- I usually try to offer a selection of three music possibilities, and then let you decide which you like best. There is a ton of great music to dance to out there, and I don’t want us to get to wrapped up in, or overwhelmed by the music selection process. With thousands of songs and every style of music imaginable at my disposal, I feel confident we will quickly dial in on the perfect selection for you.

I will set up your own private dropbox folder on my dropbox account that you will have access to (and whomever you send the links to) where I distribute all of your files. I have found this to be the easiest way to keep track of all of your videos/ music/ etc, without degrading the video quality.

Everything is taped on a high quality HD camera so you can get the most out of your videos. This can translate into some pretty large video files (I do my best to keep them of reasonable size, but do not want to sacrifice quality) so please be ready to have some extra storage space on a computer or device if you wish to download them.

After I have uploaded the last video you will have at least 4 months to get all of your material out of the dropbox so then you can keep them permanently for your files.

Contact me today to get started- I look forward to hearing from you! - Dustin

Start Your New Choregraphy Today!

My projects are completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Reserve your spot to start working with me now.

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