Dustin Stephan

Dustin Stephan

Creative Content

In addition to generating content for Animatronic Shows & Extended Reality experiences, I have applied my comprehensive knowledge of storytelling to traditional theatrical works and digital experiences.

Developed an engaging musical program for young audiences

From writing grants, academic & research papers, to entertainment spectacles; I am proficient in delivering concise and articulate content for a diverse audience.



GKTW scripts & cue cards
Cue cards and script for Tome Foolery Show

From 360* VR movies to abstract performative pieces, deriving compelling narrative for audiences excites me. In addition to generating my own content, I love working with a client's intellectual property to develop new opportunities to bring characters and their stories to life.

360 video Still

360 video Still 2
Stills from 360* Short

Blind Shadows Still
Blind Shadows Still

Blind Shadows
360* Video (Developed and filmed over a week)
Music Video (Developed & filmed over a weekend)